Volunteer Opportunities

Food/Clothing Drives

Help collect, sort, distribute

Special Events

Homecoming/Teacher Appreciation


Attend practices and help guide/motivate students


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Tutor contact: Scott Christie (501)690-3860 scott.christie@gmail.com
Mentor contact: Johnny May boscomay@aol.com


Mentoring teenagers is different from mentoring 7-8 year olds where a Mentor is assigned a student.

The Tribe Mentoring Program is driven by establishing relationships and meets a huge need to assist faculty and staff by being a “presence” during the two lunch hours in the cafeteria and commons from 11:30-1:00 each school day.

In addition to being an adult presence, mentors casually (organically) get to know staff, teachers, and students. As relationships develop through building a bridge of friendship, each mentor’s “relationship of influence” will begin because s/he will have earned a foundation to be a role model, a life coach, a tutor, a mentor and friend.

Future Plans

We are only limited by our own creativity in meeting the needs of these students! Some plans in the works include:

  • Jobs Program: help students learn how dress, go through an interview successfully, and understand what it means to be a hard worker and valuable employee
  • Teacher Aides & Assistant Coaches
  • Lunch Meetings: coordinate special speakers to talk about key life skills and career paths
  • Leadership Retreats: leadership retreats that take place outside of school hours to assist with college visits and the application process

We are creating a program that Hall High Seniors will be proud to add to their Warrior yearbook profile: The Tribe Mentoring Program. We invite you to join our Mentoring Team!

Questions / Get Involved

Email Randy Parker for a ViPS application and to coordinate the date(s) you will participate. All mentors are invited to join in monthly meetings to share experiences, plan events, and discuss mentoring principles.

For more information, contact:

Johnny May, Class of ‘68 (501)350-0057
Randy Parker, Class of ‘65 (501)944-3765

Tell us how you’d like to help! shestir@gmail.com